I spent the last month Camera Assisting on ABC program ‘The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting’ and not only was it one of the best shoots I have ever worked on, its well on the way to becoming the next big thing on Australian TV.

Created by Jungleboys, a Sydney based production company responsible for A Moody Christmas, The Review With Myles Barlow and a slew of brilliant advertising campaigns and music videos, EGGTKF is a sketch comedy the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a long time on Australian TV. The 4 week shoot saw us staging office massacres at the ABC, priest brawls in a local church and terrorist takeovers in a plane set used for Superman Returns and Mission Impossible 2. With the ABC looking to have the show on air less than a month after the cameras stopped rolling, some days we would find ourselves shooting up to 4 different sketches in as many locations, a titanic effort that really showcased Jungleboys’ guerrilla roots.

Working with some of my favorite actors and directors, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to get to set each morning. We’re talking people who I’ve grown up watching and may very well be responsible for making me want to work in film and TV in the first place. Alongside Jungleboy partners Trent Odonell and Phil Loyd were Craig Anderson (Double the FistNext Stop Hollywood), Pat Brammell (Moody Christmas, The Strange Calls), Craig Mellville (John Saffran, Chaser), Christian and Connor Van Vuuren (Bondi Hipsters, Sick) Wayne Blair (The Sapphires), Abe Forsythe (Mr and Mrs Murder, Tropfest films Shock and Being Carl Williams) and Alethea Jones (Lemonade Stand, Dave’s Dead)… It was a good month.

I sometimes get a bit of a cultural cringe when it comes to Australian television, but never with anything Jungleboys have produced. Their characters aren’t caricatures and the comedy isn’t cheap, something that has obviously been noticed on an international level as Jungleboys have secured themselves numerous format sales and contracts in the US. They keep going from strength to strength and with a follow up to A Moody Christmas already in development, I can’t wait to see what comes next.