So in the interest of sharing some of the weird and wonderful things my work and projects bring me in contact with I have decided to start a wee filmmaking Blog and given that video is pretty much my life, I present you with the inaugural VIDEO OF THE WEEK! (Yes it may well fall back to video of the month but Im being an optimist).

I’m a huuuuuuuuuge fan of timelapse (just bought a DSLR remote so I can start making some myself), but this video really takes things to the next level. A friend of mine uses a carefully calibrated telescope head with his 7D so that he could have pans and tilts within his timelapses, and Ive seen someone sit a Gopro on an egg timer for a nice 360, but how Ben Wiggins has managed some of these shots I have no idea.

Enjoy the eyegasm and keep an eye out for the tilt-shift lens which thanks to its unique minature faking qualities makes everything look like its made out of lego.