So I never really felt the need to go and see Disney’s latest animation Wreck it Ralph, which it turns out was a mistake as a beautiful little short by the name of Paperman was screening in front of it. Directed by a man named John Kahrs, who it turns out has been an animator on a dozen or so of Pixar and Disney’s movies, Paperman could very well be the future of animation.

A special tool named ‘Meander’ was developed in house and it allowed Disney’s animators to bring a level of hand drawn detail to 3D animation in a way that hasnt been possible before. When you put it next to one of my other favorite Disney animations, the comedy short Presto¬†that screened before Wall-E, Paperman really does seem to have a warmth and richness that I’d become used to seeing in Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away) and but not much else these days.