Cordell Jigsaw (Bondi Rescue, Go Back to Where You Came From) is Australia’s largest independent production company, recently merging with Zapruder’s Other Films (The Gruen Transfer, Country Town Rescue) to expand their production and distribution capabilities. Upon request from Cordell Jigsaw, I headed down to Brighton le Sands, Sydney, on a crisp and sunny ANZAC Day to film the area’s booming cafe culture, footage which will be used in one of Cordell’s upcoming programs for the ABC.

Crowd shots were the order of the day, with the Genus ND Fader allowing for a nice shallow depth despite the bright sunlight. The J-9 85mm lens with Canon adapter made for some great closeups, its wealth of aperture blades creating the smoothest bouquet one could ask for. Similarly the Manfrotto 501HDV tripod head made smooth tilts a breeze, allowing us to effectively capture boardwalk and sidewalk traffic with the Nikkor 24mm lens.

It took a bit of time and some clever placements to make the cafe’s and restaurants look as busy on a brisk Autumn day as they might during the summer, but my portable and unintrusive shooting setup made getting up close and personal with Brighton le Sands’s cafe goers a breeze.